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Welcome to Big Ron's Carp & Catfish Forum
Catfish Group Chat
This is the Catfish Group Chat Area
Carp Chat
All the Carpy Chat
Section for questions and discussions about bait
Let's talk about our end tackle.....
Fishing Techniques
What works... what doesn't?
Waters you've fished...
... home and abroad
Post your pictures here
Syndicate Lake in France
The lake
All about the Lake
Syndicate Members
Syndicate Members private area
General Chat
Non fishing chat
Anything you like so long as it's relatively decent! (This is an open forum section)
Forum Suggestions
or 'challenge Trish' .....but please be kind and remember I'm only a baby admin!
this is the girls corner... but you can have access if you want to get in touch with your feminine side! PM Trish with a fiver.....
L'╔cole Franšaise
Val has VERY kindly agreed to let us practice our (in my case infantile) French on him. The aim is to improve, so no Babelfish!
College issue

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